U.S. Sponsors Cultural Heritage Risk Reduction Program for Libya

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Libya cultural heritage
File Photo – The Roman amphitheatre at the Sabratha archaeological site in Sabratha Libya

Office of the Spokesperson
Department of State
Washington, DC
December 1, 2015

As part of its ongoing efforts to help Libya preserve its cultural heritage, the U.S. Department of State sponsored a workshop for Libyan museum professionals, November 29–December 1, in support of Libya’s national inventory of museum objects. The workshop was held in Tunis and was organized by Oberlin College with the participation of the Tunisian Institut National du Patrimonie (National Heritage Institute).

This workshop was the first of five sessions being organized to address critical cultural preservation and protection needs in Libya. Future sessions will cover the looting and illicit trafficking of cultural objects, advanced archaeological site documentation methods, and community engagement in the protection of Libyan cultural heritage.

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