Sec. Pompeo Issues Statement on Namibia’s National Day

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Department of State

Washington, DC

March 21, 2020

On behalf of the Government and people of the United States, I extend my congratulations to the Government and people of Namibia as you celebrate the milestone of 30 years of independence on March 21.

Thirty years ago, my predecessor, Secretary of State James Baker, and legendary American musician Dizzy Gillespie traveled to Windhoek to celebrate Namibia’s birth as an independent nation, marking the end of nearly a decade of U.S.-brokered negotiations on a regional peace accord. The foundation of our strong and enduring relationship is a commitment to democratic values. It is a relationship in which the United States and Namibia partner, prosper, and grow together.

The United States wishes all Namibians a happy Independence Day as you celebrate three decades of strong democratic traditions, a model for the region.

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