The Africa Society Issues Statement on the Murder of Mr. George Floyd

Portrait of George Floyd by Nikkolas Smith

For Immediate Release
Wednesday June 3, 2020
Washington, DC

The Africa Society adds its voice to the outcry in our nation and around the world at the brutal killing of Mr. George Floyd, an African American man, by a Minneapolis police officer. We are outraged and saddened that three other officers were present, two of whom were holding Mr. Floyd down while one officer kneeled on his neck for over eight minutes. They all watched silently as George Floyd took his last breath, begging for his life with his plea of “I can’t breathe”. This was an inhuman and cruel act of immeasurable proportions. Most people would not treat an animal in this fashion. We condemn Mr. Floyd’s killing and extend our profound condolences to his family and friends. We also express condolences to the families of other African American women and men who have been killed over the years with impunity because of racism enforced by social policies and practices.

Our organization advocates for human rights and justice for people on the African continent. We now call for justice and human rights for people of African descent and the African Diaspora in the United States and all people of color who have suffered the burden of systemic discrimination and racism for centuries. We stand in solidarity with peaceful protests to redress institutional racism, sexism and xenophobia that will bring needed and lasting reforms to our criminal justice system and an end to police brutality. There must be justice for all!

The mission of the Africa Society is to be the premiere entity that engages and educated Americans about the countries comprising the continent of Africa and to create, through partnerships, a better understanding of its peoples, diverse cultures, histories and economies.

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